• | Nicole Azarian

    Chica Beauty's Fresh Spring Break Look!

    With vaccines being distributed throughout our country and with the first day of Spring, we feel the need to CELEBRATE! We are so excited to share this amazing, fresh Chica Beauty Spring Break look with you guys this week!
    Here is a step-by-step tutorial of our makeup artist Kat's fun Spring Break look:
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  • | Nicole Azarian

    Chica Beauty Celebrates International Women’s Day!

    Globally, International Women’s Day has been celebrated for over a century since it began in 1911! Today is a day that celebrates our achievement and recognizes that we still have work to do before we reach equality. Once you read about the women we are celebrating today, I’m sure you will agree that as women, we can get there.  View Post
  • | Nicole Azarian

    How to Make the Most Out of Your Mask

    As you all know, this year’s hottest trend is the face mask. Here are our tips and tricks for rocking your mask and spreading positive energy in the process! Safety first, but we believe that confidence comes in close second! View Post
  • | Nicole Azarian

    How-To Maximize Productivity and Confidence with Your Morning Routine

    With schedules becoming more flexible, employers recognizing that rigid 9-5 schedules don’t always ensure maximum productivity, and the general public learning to prioritize their mental and physical health, we’ve found that committing to a morning routine is the best way to improve productivity,... View Post