• | Nicole Azarian

    Top 5 Summer Essentials for the Hottest Summer

    Things are heating up and so are you! As vaccinations continue to roll out, we want to help you make this summer one to remember with our list of BE BOLD summer essentials... View Post
  • | Nicole Azarian

    Be Bold this Chica Beauty Summer

    For a lot of low-maintenance, busy Chicas, lips tend to come last in the beauty routine. For quick glam, evening out the skin tone and lengthening the lashes are the most important, right? But this summer Chica Beauty wants to encourage you to BE BOLD with your daily routine, and all while keeping it just as simple. View Post
  • | Mei-Lon Jimenez

    Chica Beauty Defines LOVE/AMOR - Our Most Meaningful Set Yet

    Toni and Mei-Lon remember their grandmother as pristine and put together; hair always done and makeup always perfect. Inspired by and in honor of her, we are introducing this set that includes two items that scream glamour, class, perfection. The LOVE/AMOR set is perfect for a date night, big meetings, or in Grandma Jimenez’ fashion, to wear around the house in case anyone decides to visit! Feel the love in our new set. Packed with the keys to unapologetic confidence, we want you to feel and be bold wearing our LOVE/AMOR set. View Post
  • | Nicole Azarian

    Celebrating New Chapters and the Art of Graduating Strong

    June 2021 has finally come upon us and graduation season is has commenced once again - but not quite how we are used to.  Different parts of the country and of the world have different capacities for celebration now due to the year-and-a-half long pandemic that we are enduring as a human race. An... View Post