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    'Chica Beauty' Anniversary: Sisters with a Passion to Empower

    San Antonio sisters, and Founders of 'Chica Girl Magazine', have expanded their brand to beauty essentials box sets delivered right to your door just one year ago! We're checking in with sisters, Toni and Mei-Lon, on what they've been up to and more on their new holiday set! View Post
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    Girl Talk y Más Podcast - featuring Chica Beauty

    A chatting  with Toni and Mei-Lon who are not only sisters but business partners of Chica Beauty! They share their journey from starting an empowering girls Magazine to creating a cruelty-free & clean make-up brand that is all about enhancing your natural beauty! Click here to listen: Girl Ta... View Post
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    Introducing Chica Beauty: How A Sisterhood Bond Helped Shape The New World Of The Beauty Industry In Texas.

    Picture this: you create a Texan Magazine about empowering women, showcasing the feminine struggles at all ages, then it leads you to enter the beauty world, an industry driven by idealistic beauty norms. This is all a hard task, one that not many would achieve. Beauty is objective, but in today’... View Post
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    Chica Beauty, New "PLAY SET" | Makeup That Gives Back

    If you're looking for some new makeup and beauty products to add to your collection, we know just the right place to go! Sisters, Toni Lee Jimenez and Mei-Lon Jimenez, are releasing their second beauty set called "PLAY SET" later this month, and Shelly had the chance to talk with the ladies abo... View Post