How-To Maximize Productivity and Confidence with Your Morning Routine

How-To Maximize Productivity and Confidence with Your Morning Routine

With schedules becoming more flexible, employers recognizing that rigid 9-5 schedules don’t always ensure maximum productivity, and the general public learning to prioritize their mental and physical health, we’ve found that committing to a morning routine is the best way to improve productivity, mood, stamina and confidence! Try this one for one week and see how much better you feel! 

Step 1: Before getting out of bed, think of one thing that you are grateful for, and something that you’d like this day to bring

  • Example: I am grateful that I was able to sleep through the night last night, and I’d like this day to bring clarity for me about my next steps at work. 

Step 2: Wash up. Rinse your face with cold water and put on some SPF - we recommend our Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen with SPF 30. Our formula feels so smooth on skin, provides lightweight coverage perfect for any activity, and protects you in the meanwhile! 

Step 3: Get into some sunlight and break a sweat. Whether it’s taking a 10-minute walk or jog around the neighborhood, or laying on a towel outside and doing some playful stretching, this time for yourself is a game-changer! 

Step 4: Take a 5-minute cold shower. Cold showers have been said to improve circulation, be good for our skin and hair, help wake us up in the morning, and help with weight loss and muscle soreness! While warm showers make us feel comfortable and relaxed, taking a cold shower in the morning has so many benefits that you’ll never regret making the switch. Feel free to ease into it by starting with your water running warm, then bring the temperature down while you rinse off shampoo and conditioner, and before getting our put the temperature as cold as it goes and try to stand in their as long as you can, lifting your arms and letting the water hit your chest, back of your neck, and face. Even 10 seconds will bring major benefits!

Step 5: Use one or multiple of our sets to remind yourself to seize the day and Get It, Chica! Even though many of our lives have transitioned to operate from home, putting on an outfit and doing a quick makeup look helps to improve our mood, confidence, and productivity. 

Our Boss/Jefa Set (featured in the gorgeous picture above) can be found here!: 


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