How to Make the Most Out of Your Mask

How to Make the Most Out of Your Mask

As you all know, this year’s biggest trend is the face mask. Here are our tips and tricks for rocking your mask and spreading positive energy in the process! Safety first, but we believe that confidence comes in close second!

The most important thing to keep in mind when wearing a mask is HYGIENE! This year has invented dozens of new terms for new phenomena, MASCNE (mask-acne) being a major one! We all have had the experience of having our makeup rubbing up against our mask, carrying all of our dirt and sweat inside the cloth for potentially hours at a time. These two steps are key to avoiding discomfort, blemishes around your mouth and cheeks, and keeping your mask clean so that you’ll be happy to wear it for as long as necessary to keep you and those around you safe!



This step is so underrated. Scientists recommend that we wash our masks after EVERY use! If you’re leaving your house on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to have a mask rotation so that you have time to clean your masks and let them dry before your next use. Cleaning your mask is important for multiple reasons. The first is for your safety: the mask is made to trap bacteria that you may emit, as well as protect you from bacteria in the air around you. Therefore, cleaning your mask before re-wearing it and making sure to avoid touching it (take it off by the strings, don’t touch your face, wash your hands, etc.) can help you maintain safety during this pandemic. The second is for your beauty! Breathing into fabric that rubs up against your face gives your mask a hefty opportunity to collect dirt, which causes acne - aka Mascne. To wash your mask, you can give it a boiling water and soap bath (this is good for delicate masks) or throw it into a load of laundry with detergent and hot water. The key, essentially, is hot water and suds! This will ensure to kill bacteria and microbes that may be lingering on your mask from your last use, as well as remove dirt that can cause blemishes. 



This one should be more instinctual, but we are all really busy and tired these days so this self-care step can easily be overlooked! Our masks can leave all kinds of dirt and bacteria on our faces. That’s why when you get home and can take your mask off, along with cleaning the mask itself, wash your hands with soap and then give your face a nice, cleansing cold-water rinse. Foaming washes are really good for this - apply with a circular motion and make sure to get your whole face, mouth, behind your jaws and below your neckline. Finish with a hydrating moisturizer and you’ll feel so refreshed! Mascne no more! 

The next important tip is to invest in some cute masks that make you feel like the boss you are. It’s so important to feel confident as we go about our daily business. Even though our lives have been flipped upside down by this pandemic, it doesn’t mean that we can’t own some of its aspects and turn them into opportunities for creativity and new beauty looks! We have the perfect set to help you here, Chicas!

Our new Smile with Your Eyes set is meant to make mask-wearing a POSITIVE! We have encapsulated all of the essentials necessary to look completely stunning, mask and all! With our new set, you get our famous Nine-to-Five mascara, our new rose-gold, stunning and amazing THE Eyelash Curler, one of four different gorgeous colors of our Pencil Eyeliner, and last but not least our brand new pink “Get It Chica” cloth mask! These masks are ultra-comfy and breathable, and made to wear alone for less crowded, outdoor scenarios, while also being the perfect stretch material to pop over a filtered mask and layer up to be extra cautious and extra cute when necessary!

Purchase your Smile with Your Eyes set here and make your eyes POP in your next mask look! 

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