• | Nicole Azarian

    Cleaner Oceans with Chica Beauty

    Sometimes it can be overwhelming hearing about heart breaking things like microplastics hurting our beautiful oceans, so the Chica Beauty sisterhood has made it easy for you to do something about it! View Post
  • | Nicole Azarian

    Celebrate Summer with Chic(a) Cocktails!

    Chica Beauty wants to share with you our favorite drink for this summer - and it can be made with or sin alcohol. Both are so refreshing! And this summer, we are all about treating yourself. View Post
  • | Nicole Azarian

    Chica Beauty Looks: Get Inspired!

    Feeling stuck on how to use all of our simple beauty solutions? Here are some videos from members of our Chica Beauty Sisterhood to show you how they enhanced their natural beauty with our products:  View Post
  • | Nicole Azarian

    Let's Get Sustainable Chicas! Where To Donate Your Beauty Products

    This month, Chica Beauty is all about celebrating our sisterhood and protecting our Earth. What people don't often think about is that these two go hand in hand! Protecting the Earth means protecting each other, Chicas. That is why we've come up with a list of amazing organizations which allow you to give away or swap your makeup sustainably. Some even accept used and/or unused and unwanted beauty products and use them for amazing causes! We ourselves are in the process of teaming up with one or more of these organizations to donate Chica Beauty products to some of these wonderful causes. Join us in our mission to empower women and save our beautiful planet! View Post