Let's Get Sustainable Chicas! Where To Donate Your Beauty Products

Let's Get Sustainable Chicas! Where To Donate Your Beauty Products

This month, Chica Beauty is all about celebrating our sisterhood and protecting our Earth. What people don't often think about is that these two go hand in hand! Protecting the Earth means protecting each other, Chicas. That is why we've come up with a list of amazing organizations which allow you to give away or swap your makeup sustainably. Some even accept used and/or unused and unwanted beauty products and use them for amazing causes! We ourselves are in the process of teaming up with one or more of these organizations to donate Chica Beauty products to some of these wonderful causes. Join us in our mission to empower women and save our beautiful planet!

Chica Beauty approved makeup donation organizations:

  1. Beauty Bus: Beauty Bus donates was founded by Melissa Nealy, who died at the young age of 28 due to a terminal illness. She started Beauty Bus because while she struggled with terminal illness, beauty routines were what lifted her spirits! We at Chica Beauty know how empowering makeup can be: our mission is to empower women through simple beauty solutions! We want all women to feel beautiful and confident. Beauty Bus donates to terminally ill patients and their caregivers to do just that. You can find more information on their website, found here: https://beautybus.org/
  2. Project Beauty Share: Project Beauty Share collects used or barely used makeup products and donates them to non-profit organizations focused around women overcoming homelessness, abuse, addiction, and poverty. Their aim is to "help restore hope and dignity in their lives." Chica Beauty supports Project Beauty Share's mission to empower women overcoming adversity! Help this sisterhood by checking out their website, found here: https://projectbeautyshare.org/
  3. Share Your Beauty: Like Project Beauty Share, Share Your Beauty donates your unused and unwanted makeup products to women and teens in crisis. Overcoming adversities that so many women experience, such as abuse and homelessness, can rip apart your confidence. Chica Beauty stands with our unhoused sisters and our struggling sisters and wants to support Share Your Beauty! You can too by checking out there website, found here: https://www.family-to-family.org/share-your-beauty/
  4. Wandraisers: Wandraisers is all about reusing and recycling, and ultimately, the reduce waste! You can donate your old, used mascara wands to them rather than throwing them away. Instead of ending up in a landfill, Wandraisers ensures that your old wants will be used to safe wild animals who have been covered in oil, used in creative projects, and more! Find more information on how to Go Chica Beauty Green with your old mascara wants on their website, found here: https://wandsforwildlife.org/wandraisers/
  5. Glambot: Sell your beauty products for cash with Glambot! This is a Chica Beauty approved way to sustainably get rid of beauty items that don't interest you anymore! Find out more on there website, found here: https://www.glambot.com/sell#how-it-works
  6. Reddit Makeup Exchange: Just like thrifting is a sustainable way to upgrade your wardrobe, swapping makeup is a sustainable way to keep trying new products! Pretty much every makeup product comes in a plastic bottle, and continually making new ones is hurting our Earth. As consumers, we can help slow this unsustainable process down! Swap your makeup with other sisters who want to help protect their environment here: https://www.reddit.com/r/makeupexchange/


We love you Chicas! Until next blog....


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