Chica Beauty Celebrates Sisterhood!

Happy April Chicas! 
Here at Chica Beauty, we are spending April highlighting the amazing bonds of sisterhood. Chica Beauty was born because two sisters realized through their shared values that the healing, empowering qualities of sisterhood and inclusivity were missing in the beauty industry. This month and always, Chica Beauty's mission is to connect and empower women. We've decided to share some of our sisterhood stories for our first blog of April! 
Welcome to our Chica Beauty Sisterhood :)
Our Chica Beauty Sisterhood
Chica Beauty Sisterpreneurs
Chica Beauty was started by two amazing sisters, Toni and Mei-Lon. We like to call them our Chica Beauty Sisterpreneurs! Their sisterhood extended from their inspiring female role models; their grandma and mom, and was given to them and their cousins, who still share the empowering, incredibly strong bonds of sisterhood. They are so moved by sisterhood that they started Chica Beauty to expand their sisterhood to all women who want a part! They lead a group of interns from all over the world and of all ages, and we have created a sisterhood within ourselves. We like to call ourselves the "Dream Team." Like sisters, we always have each others backs, and we continuously inspire and uplift one another. 
The Chica Beauty Sisterhood is not limited to those who work here at CB. We want every woman who follows, buys, and supports Chica Beauty to feel a part of the Sisterhood we love so much! We want to talk to and hear from you all! (more info on how to join our Sisterhood at the end of this blog) 
Sami Ackerman on Finding Sorority Sisterhood
Chica Beauty Sisterhood

Growing up with only a brother, I have always been in the search for sisterhood. When I was in middle school, I found this in my dance team. Then, throughout high school, I lost some of this as I stopped dancing. Here in college, I found that connection of sisterhood again in Kappa Delta. Sisterhood through KD is an instant connection and understanding. I know that everyone in KD will be able to help me or can relate to my experiences.

Sisterhood is more than just a relationship between sisters. In my experience of being involved in Kappa Delta, I have learned that sisterhood fosters a much deeper connection. We all choose to come together because we have similar values like philanthropy, confidence, and being an active member in our communities. I have met some of my best friends through KD and I will always cherish my experiences here! 

Shai Tagacay on Sisterhood: "A walk down my precious, fun, silly but tear-jerking memory lane."

Yes, I was raised surrounded by boy toys (guns, cars, robots, you name it!) mostly because most of my cousins nearby are boys, and because of my brothers. I’ve always been craving for a female playmate. Looking back now, I just didn’t realize that all through my life, God has provided me with many of them! Starting from my elementary days until now, I am always drawn to groups of girls that I didn’t necessarily belong to. With them, my younger days were filled with fun female frenzies where there was never a dull moment (unlimited karaoke plus unlimited crazy!) Here are some of our loving memories back when cellphones still didn't have a good HD camera…lol.

Come to think of it, I didn’t know originally that Chica Beauty is also run mostly by female power (two amazing sisters and lovely and hardworking interns yeah!!!). Having that knowledge is very comforting for me and I am forever grateful that I am given a chance to belong to the Chica Beauty sisterhood! 

Chica Beauty Sisterhood

Chica Beauty Sisterhood

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