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  • | Mei-Lon Jimenez

    Chica Beauty Defines LOVE/AMOR - Our Most Meaningful Set Yet

    Toni and Mei-Lon remember their grandmother as pristine and put together; hair always done and makeup always perfect. Inspired by and in honor of her, we are introducing this set that includes two items that scream glamour, class, perfection. The LOVE/AMOR set is perfect for a date night, big meetings, or in Grandma Jimenez’ fashion, to wear around the house in case anyone decides to visit! Feel the love in our new set. Packed with the keys to unapologetic confidence, we want you to feel and be bold wearing our LOVE/AMOR set. View Post
  • | Nicole Azarian

    Chica Beauty Celebrates International Women’s Day!

    Globally, International Women’s Day has been celebrated for over a century since it began in 1911! Today is a day that celebrates our achievement and recognizes that we still have work to do before we reach equality. Once you read about the women we are celebrating today, I’m sure you will agree that as women, we can get there.  View Post
  • | Nicole Azarian

    Celebrate Women's History Month with Chica Beauty

    Happy Women's History Month Chicas! We are so thankful for you all, and so excited to celebrate all womxn this month. Our mission has always been women empowerment and inclusivity; without these passions Chica Beauty would have never been born!  View Post