Chica Beauty Defines LOVE/AMOR - Our Most Meaningful Set Yet

Chica Beauty Defines LOVE/AMOR - Our Most Meaningful Set Yet

Sisterpreneurs Mei-Lon and Toni Lee Jimenez launched their most personal beauty set this July, inspired by Chica Beauty Icon, Grandma Jimenez.

The LOVE/AMOR set defines co-founder Toni and Mei-Lon's Latina family history; one led by strong women for generations now. The LOVE/AMOR set is inspired Jimenez sisters' late Grandma Jimenez.

Toni and Mei-Lon remember their grandmother as pristine and put together; hair always done and makeup always perfect. Inspired by and in honor of her, we are introducing this set that includes two items that scream glamour, class, perfection. The LOVE/AMOR set is perfect for a date night, big meetings, or in Grandma Jimenez’ fashion, to wear around the house in case anyone decides to visit! Feel the love in our new set. Packed with the keys to unapologetic confidence, we want you to feel and be bold wearing our LOVE/AMOR set.

The LOVE/AMOR set includes a beautiful bold liquid matte RED lipstick and an amazing 3-in-1 Eyebrow ‘Multi-tasker’. “I think people will be able to relate to the story behind our LOVE/AMOR beauty set. Our grandma always wore her bright, bold red lipstick everywhere she went. We named it ‘MIJA’ because that’s what she always called us. I can hear her now, “Mija, I am so proud of both of you!” shares Toni Lee Jimenez.

Grandma Jimenez is a true Chica Beauty Icon. She perfectly represents our mission to empower women through simple beauty solutions. We are motivated by all of the ways that Beauty Bonds, and remember spending days with our beautiful grandmother, having her teach us all of her simple beauty secrets that gave her the confidence to maneuver life like a true queen. Hearing her voice ring, "Mija, I'm so proud of both of you!", will forever motivate our Chica Beauty sisterhood to continue spreading our LOVE/AMOR to women everywhere...

LOVE/AMOR Beauty Set available JULY 1, 2021 at www.CHICABEAUTY.COM

As part of our Chica Gives initiative we are proud to partner with SJRC Texas.  Our grandmother came from the foster care system and it is only fitting that we partner with this wonderful organization that is providing healing, hope and a home to children and families.  To find out more about SJRC Texas please visit: SJRC Texas

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