• | Nicole Azarian

    Chica Beauty Summer! Celebrating Confidence, Relaxation, and Doing What We Love!

    As schools across the nation start to be let out and we have more opportunities to catch the sunset after our long work days it is becoming abundantly clear that summer is just around the corner! Walking outside smells like a fresh bouquet and our skin finally gets to soak up some vitamin D. A Chica Beauty Summer means relaxation, confidence, and prioritizing doing what we love. Celebrate summer with Chica Beauty's favorite summer beauty hacks to protect and promote our beauty!

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  • | Nicole Azarian

    The Most Romantic Date Night Look for Your Tropical Baecation

    Whether you’re fleeing the cold or have always been an island girl, February is the month of love and if you find yourself amidst the humidity of the tropics, this is the makeup look you need to glow on your next baecation.  View Post