The Most Romantic Date Night Look for Your Tropical Baecation

The Most Romantic Date Night Look for Your Tropical Baecation

Whether you’re fleeing the cold or have always been an island girl, February is the month of love and if you find yourself amidst the humidity of the tropics, this is the makeup look you need to glow on your next baecation. 

The first important step is SPF. We know that sunscreen is not always sexy, but healthy, young skin is, so protection comes first. Lucky for you, our Tinted Moisturizer contains broad-spectrum SPF 30 and is also anti-aging. It's the perfect lightweight coverage and protection for the heat of the tropics. Make sure to rub it all over your face and decolletage, which is just as sensitive.

Next up is a liquid highlighter. Embrace the Island Goddess inside of you and accentuate your dewiness - trust us, your inner mermaid wants to GLOW. Liquid highlighter creates more of that romantic dewy glow than powder highlighter does, not to mention you can use the leftovers on your finger to get the inner corners of your eyes and create an all-over sparkle that catches the sunlight, reflects the sunset and dances in the moonlight. 

Part of being in the tropics is getting that sun-kissed look. But if you protect your skin with SPF (as we highly recommend), your face might be quite a few shades lighter than the rest of your body. That's why our Powder Blush is essential to this look. Our blush is buildable, so using a blush brush, start with a thin layer and build up until you have the flushed, sun-kissed look we're looking for. 

Insider tips: when applying blush to your cheeks, give yourself a huge smile in the mirror. The part of your cheeks that lifts up is the one begging to be blushed-up! Additionally, for the perfect sun-kissed look, get a little bit of our powder blush on your middle finger and apply this onto the part of your nose right above the ball of it. If you're confused, hold the end of your nose and wiggle it around; the first hard spot that doesn't wiggle (on the bridge of your nose) is the spot for the blush! This is the key to looking sun-kissed and NOT sunburnt - all while protecting your face from those harmful, aging UV rays!

Now, for the eyes. In theme with the sun-kissed, glowy island vibes, use our Pencil Eyeliner in Chocolate to get a natural smoky look on your eyes. Our photo shows a look done with a cat-eye technique, although the eyeliner color is extremely forgiving so you can test out and play with a few different looks and choose your favorite! Not to worry, once you settle on one, the eyeliner settles onto you as well and won't smudge for the rest of your night. Next, get luscious, wispy lashes using THE Eyelash Curler and our Nine-to-Five Mascara. These products ensure that you have gorgeous lashes without the weight or smudge - a necessity for the heat of the tropics. If you want to save $23 on this look AND get a colorful, comfy, inspiring mask for your protection, check out our new Smile With Your Eyes set, which comes with all of the products listed above. 

Last but not least, get your lips to pop with a natural, dewy sparkle. Our Gloss Boss has addictive shine and smells so delicious, your date won't be able to resist coming closer! 

That's it Chica! From us to you, Happy February! This is the month of love, so call your besties for a safe and fun Galentines Day or plan a date night with that special someone, and don't forget to Get It Chica! 

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