Diversity, Inclusion + Equity Awards: Chica Beauty FINALISTS

Diversity, Inclusion + Equity Awards: Chica Beauty FINALISTS

Los Angeles Business Journal: Mei-Lon and Toni Jimenez Finalists

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Mei-Lon Jimenez and Toni Jimenez
Co-Founders & CEOs
Chica Beauty

Sisters Mei-Lon and Toni Jimenez co-founded their business, Chica Beauty, because they wanted to revolutionize the beauty industry with a brand that screams diversity and inclusion – something that they found was missing in the beauty industry’s current environment. The two also started Chica Beauty with the mission in mind to create a beauty brand with a mission to empower girls to be confident in their most authentic selves and giving back fiscally to the community with their Chica Gives program, which partners with nonprofits like Girls Inc. and donates to them with every purchase made from Chica Beauty. Plus, the Chica Beauty team, who come from different countries and were raised with different cultures and backgrounds, are proud of their different ethnicities, and bring knowledge from different generations starting as young as current high school students and ranging all the way to Toni’s and Mei-Lon’s grandmother, who inspired many aspects of the brand.

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