Top 5 Summer Essentials for the Hottest Summer

Top 5 Summer Essentials for the Hottest Summer

Things are heating up and so are you! As vaccinations continue to roll out, we want to help you make this summer one to remember with our list of BE BOLD summer essentials...

Chica Beauty Summer Essentials

1. Spray-on SPF

SPF is every woman's best friend when it comes to keeping skin looking young. While prefer a daily rub-on sunscreen for the face (like our Anti-Aging, Moisturizing Tinted Sunscreen), Summer 2021 is all about confident independence and that means being able to hit all the spots without needing another set of hands! Supergoop and Elta MD both have high-quality, affordable mist-on sunscreens that protect for a long time and use clean ingredients! We are all about companies who protect their consumers by avoiding toxic chemicals and overpriced products! On top of that, both of these companies made spray-on sunscreens that last 80 minutes and are water resistant, so you can relaaaaax knowing your gorgeous skin is covered. Head to your local pharmacy for Elta MD's amazing spray-on SPF, and Supergoop's website to check out theirs!

These are the types of things we love to keep in our Chica Beauty Canvas Bag, pictured above!

2. A fun nail to match our Be Bold summer vibes

Nails have for too long been held to the highest of standards, but this summer we urge you to take the pressure off and have fun with it! We do love a classic nude tone, yet until you've experienced the fun of a hot pink nail, you have got to stop holding onto the classics. Start off with a glamorous, Hollywood red on an oval-shaped nail and see how that looks on your pretty summer glow. When you're ready to really Be Bold, try out a hot pink or even a turquoise or baby blue! We've been loving colorful tips; a different color on each nail. Get inspired on Pinterest by looking up some fun summer nail ideas. We'll start you off with a few of our own favorites...

Hot Pink Chica Beauty

Chica Beauty Nails

Be Bold Chica Nails

Chica Beauty Reads

3. A great read... 

The best way to travel without leaving your home is with a good book, and since summer is all about traveling, we thought we'd share some of this summer's newest, hottest releases. Look for your favorite authors and order one of these unbelievable books, or head to your local bookstore and seek out these titles on your next day off:

Whereabouts Jhumpa Lahiri 

The Love Songs of W.E.B. DuBois Honoree Fanonne Jeffers

The President's Daughter James Patterson and Bill Clinton

A Slow Fire Burning Paula Hawkins

My Year of Rest and Relaxation Ottessa Moshfegh 

Seven Days in June Tia Williams

Malibu Rising Taylor Jenkins Reid

All of these titles have one thing in common - they emanate the dewey, humid air of summer as you flip through their pages. Read one or read all - we promise, they won't disappoint. 

4. A bold lip!

We will never stop emphasizing to you the importance of a bold lip on a bare, sun-kissed face. One of the easiest ways to turn on the glam in a bind is to swipe on a stunning red and let your gorgeous natural features do the rest! We recently came out with our most meaningful product yet - our MIJA matt red lipstick, and ever since we've been loving the gorgeous red light up on the faces of our Chica Beauty sisters! Just like our brand, our products work to make all women feel confident in their own skin by emphasizing their beautiful natural features and providing simple beauty solutions for women who value each moment in life. Look at our fabulous Chica beauties rocking their MIJA red lip!

Chica Beauty MIJA Rosie

Chica Beauty MIJA Love/Amor

Chica Beauty MIJA All Ages

Chica Beauty Sisters Cousins Mijas

5. A Sisterhood!

We would be no where without our Chica Beauty Sisters. Chica Beauty is a brand that was created out of a mission to connect and empower all womxn everywhere, and this summer is all about reconnection for us! As everyone comes out of their pandemic-induced hibernation, we are beyond excited to see all of the new relationships that form between people globally. Sisterhood has gotten us this far, and we can't ever express the importance of sister bonds. Hug your loved ones closely this summer, and be the best support that you can as we move into this new era of strength and solidarity with our sisters! 

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