Re-Purpose Your Chica Beauty Packaging

Re-Purpose Your Chica Beauty Packaging

Ever get frustrated with the endless packaging waste that beauty products bombard you with? Us too. That's why Chica Beauty has created multiple innovative solutions to help you reuse our packaging for cute AND sustainable purposes!

First, we'll start with the adorable pink box that our products come in. You can get creative with this box! It's made out of cardboard and comes with pink tissue paper, so of course you can just recycle it, but why not repurpose it instead? 

Our favorite ways to repurpose your Chica Beauty box are:

1) as a recycling bin for under your desk!

Repurposed Chica Beauty Recycling Bin

Sometimes it's hard to remember the little things, including recycling when you're not in your kitchen! If your work-from-home desk or desk at the office is missing a recycling bin, this is the time to fix that! Having our Chica Beauty box under your desk serves as the cutest reminder that those notes and old documents you were about to toss in your trash bin can actually be recycled! Help mother Earth while giving your under-desk space an aesthetic boost, too. 

2) as storage!

Chica Beauty makeup storage

As products pile up, it's easy to think that clutter is inevitable. We get it, and are here to provide solutions for real women! Store anything in our Chica Beauty box, whether it's beauty products, pens, jewelry, hair accessories, intimates, or whatever! Get creative with this one Chicas!

Now, what about the cute bags that our products come in? Fun Fact: These bags are biodegradable! Purchasing Chica Beauty is making a sustainable choice within itself, but why not take it a step further and repurpose our sustainable packaging? 

Repurposed Biodegradable Chica Beauty Bags

We like to use our biodegradable bags to store our makeup and keep everything organized! Not only are they super cute, but they come labeled with our original set names: "HUSTLE," "PLAY," and "BOSS/JEFA." It's fun to try to organize your makeup products into whichever bag you think they belong! For example, my "PLAY" bag is filled with my brightest colors for when I'm feeling playful with my beauty routine, and my "HUSTLE" set is filled with a simple beauty look for when I'm in a pinch and want to look glam while I take on my day. My "BOSS/JEFA" bag is filled with colors that I know will make me look and feel like a boss! These are my go-to's for immediate confidence.

Last but not least, don't forget to purchase our Chica Beauty canvas bag! 

Chica Beauty Canvas Beach Bag

While this one does not come with all Chica Beauty products, it's totally worth it. It's a Chica Beauty team favorite and a staple in our day-to-days! We love using this as a clutch for the beach or a quick shopping trip, as well as to keep important items separate from the endless clutters of larger purses!

How are you going to repurpose your Chica Beauty packaging, Chicas? 

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