toni and mei-lon chica beauty founders on qvc and hsn

Everyone at ChicaBeauty was absolutely thrilled with the opportunity to share our own unique brand of Latina beauty essentials with a live national audience on QVC and HSN! It was an unbelievable success and we are truly humbled and thankful for your amazing support!

I've known ChicaBeauty founders Mei-Lon and Toni Jimenez ever since I can remember, so it was a meta experience for me to see them in my living room...not in person but on my television screen! The funny thing is, it felt like they were with me in person because the women you saw on TV are the EXACT same people they are in real life: authentic, passionate, inspiring, fun, and full of energy. They are probably a lot like you, your friends, family, and people you know and love.

One thing that is easily apparent if you spend any amount time with Toni & Mei-Lon is that they are definitely women on the go! Like you, they try to do as much in the day as humanly possible, so one of their goals in creating a line of Latina beauty essentials was to offer makeup and multipurpose products that fit into your busy schedule so you have more time to “do you” while looking and feeling your best at the same time. In a perfect world you would have five hours to get ready in the morning but in an imperfect world, quick beauty routines are definitely to the way to go...and ChicaBeauty has you covered with a complete line of multitasking beauty products!

 If you are Mexican, Hispanic, or Latinx, I  would be willing to bet that you are super-close with your family and you make them your number one priority. Mei-Lon and Toni are no different...they are very close with their immediate and extended family and they make the time to be together as much as possible. Knowing the Jimenez family as well as I do, it was bittersweet for me to see Mei-Lon and Toni on QVC and HSN talking about their grandma who they loved so much and sharing with the world their Mija Red Matte Liquid Lipstick, affectionally named in honor of her. When they shared that story, I couldn't help but hear their grandma's voice calling them “Mija.” When you wear this lipstick you will probably hear your own mom, dad, and grandparents calling you “Mija”...what a special way to have them near you throughout the day! I was so happy to see the hosts at QVC and HSN rave about this amazing product. It goes to show, you really can't have a Mexican makeup brand without family!

It was so great of QVC and HSN to invite ChicaBeauty on their networks in appreciation of Hispanic History Month! All the segments were super exciting…I for one would certainly love to see Toni and Mei-Lon invited back for another appearance. I know one product that I would love to see featured even further is ChicaBeauty's Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen (Broad-Spectrum SPF 30). This was a must-have product introduction for Mei-Lon and Toni because—like you— they love, love, love being outdoors and having fun in the sun! Whether it's going to the beach, playing volleyball, hiking, or just enjoying a day in the city, having a sunscreen you can trust is absolutely essential. I can't wait for you to see more active beauty makeup sets that ChicaBeauty has in store for you!

 When Toni and Mei-Lon were on QVC and HSN, one thing that stood out to me was how beautiful their skin tones looked on television! ChicaBeauty's natural makeup really accentuated their innate beauty and was a big part of the reason they looked so great that day. Women are beautiful in every skin color and ChicaBeauty definitely celebrates diversity. One thing about Hispanic families is that we tend to have relatives and loved ones in every possible skin tone—from lovely light skin to beautiful dark skin—so we can really appreciate products that help people of varying complexions look their absolute best!

 I think everyone knows that HSN stands for Home Shopping Network but I was never quite sure what the iconic name QVC actually meant. Give yourself a big gold star if you know that the letters stand for Quality Value Convenience! I thought this was especially appropriate for ChicaBeatuy because I know Toni and Mei-Lon are making a concerted effort to offer high QUALITY products at a great VALUE from the CONVENIENCE of your home or phone or tablet or...anywhere! Saving money and time AND getting a great product is a win-win-win situation! We all like to get the most for our dollar and do more with less, and your choice in makeup sets and cosmetics is no different. ChicaBeauty has makeup essentials that fit any budget.

 So, those are some of my thoughts on ChicaBeauty's appearances live on HSN and QVC. It was a very special experience for which we are all truly grateful. We would like to thank them again for featuring not only Mei-Lon and Toni but also other Hispanic-owned small business throughout the United States who are doing amazing work in a wide variety of markets.  I hope we can do do it all again soon and hope to see you there!

Written by: Daniel Mauna



































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