Last-Minute Halloween Makeup

Whether you have a Halloween costume already picked out or are still searching for a last-minute idea, Chica Beauty’s Essentials can help you achieve your desired look this Halloween! Our Lotus Powder Blush can help you feel more like a fairy or queen! Look like a superhero or a 1920s actress with our bold Mija Red Matte Lipstick. If you are feeling creative and want to try out a simple beauty routine to make your costume even spookier, we recommend using our Black Gel Eyeliner. This smooth, long-wearing liner is a wonderful tool to create dramatic eye makeup perfect for whatever Halloween brings you this year! Makeup artist Kat Franklin gave us a quick and creative makeup routine to step up your Halloween game this weekend using our Gel Eyeliner! Spider Web Makeup Tutorial 1. Apply regular face makeup like normal. 2. Using a sharpened Chica Beauty Gel Liner draw four straight lines spread across in a fan or triangle formation from your lower lash line going down towards the cheek. 3. Draw upside-down U's to connect each line. 4. Using a small angled eyeliner, brush to sharpen and straighten out any faults. 5. Optional. Top the black liner with body glitter for a more festive finish! Whatever you decide to dress up as this weekend Chica, we hope you have fun! When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween Chica! As always, thank you for reading our Chica Beauty Lifestyle Blog! We would be nowhere without our Chica Beauty Sisterhood. #GETITCHICA For questions, comments and submissions please email For more, follow us on Instagram @chicabeautyusa and subscribe to emails on