Hispanic Heritage Month 2022: ERMA LUNA and JULIE LUNA (Female Founder Spotlight)

Hispanic Heritage Month 2022: ERMA LUNA and JULIE LUNA (Female Founder Spotlight)

  1. Tell us a little about your business? (Please also include your website and social media handles/links)


We are a local family-owned catering and food truck microbusiness. Our food truck specializes in slow smoked BBQ meats, homemade sides, homemade desserts, handmade bread, and handmade tortillas. In business 40 years Luna’s Kitchen catering offers a large variety of cuisine options for any occasion including but not limited to BBQ, Mexican, Italian, American and more!

Website: www.lunaskitchencatering.com

FB: Luna’s BBQ & More IG: @lunas_bbq Twitter: @lkfood82


  1. What has been your greatest success?


I believe our greatest success has been our ability to keep our parents’ legacy alive. 40 years ago, because of limited funds, they catered our sister’s wedding and a few church retreats. Not expecting anything more, requests from friends and family turned a side hustle into a small business. While the business helped support our family, it was also able to help our community by offering low-cost catering options. We are thankful for each day we are blessed with and value every customer that entrusts us with their special occasion and their appetites.


  1. What has been your biggest challenge and how did you face it/ overcome it?


Our biggest challenge so far in my opinion has been the transition into the food truck from the catering business. When Covid hit we lost our booked events including potential bookings. With no catering business coming in Luna’s BBQ & More food trailer was officially opened Memorial Day Weekend 2020!!! Although they are both food related a food truck is very different from running our catering business. We came together as a family supporting each other bringing our own specialties and talents that have made us what we are today.


  1. What Advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time?


I would tell myself to be less fearful. As a family we told ourselves “be patient”, “it’ll happen”, and “take our time”. I would go back and say be aggressive, be bold, and go out and bring the business to us, don’t wait!


  1. What advice would you give other entrepreneurs?


I would advise them to ask themselves “What is your passion?” Our passion is service and great tasting food! Our passion has helped direct us through many hardships, mistakes, and numerous other challenges that arise.


  1. September is Hispanic Heritage Month. What does that mean to you personally and to you as a business owner?


Personally Hispanic Heritage Month means a spotlight shines on who we are, where we come from, and the struggles that our ancestors have had to endure to get to where we are today. Remembering our culture helps us appreciate the path laid out by our ancestors reminding us to stay humble and serve our community with love and grace.





  1. Does your culture play a role in your business?


Definitely culture plays a role in our business! Luna’s Kitchen was built by family, and what brings the Luna’s together? Food!!! Our culture is represented in the way we cook, the tools we use, the spices we sprinkle, and the love we have for the types of food we serve. Our culture has taught us to treat every person the way that we ourselves want to be treated. So, we strive to serve each customer with the most caring experience possible. Service, commitment, consistency, and a love for food is what inspires us to provide the best product that our community deserves.

  1. Who are your role models?

My role model, I’d have say is Mama Luna. She grew up in a large Hispanic family. Not being allowed to complete school, she had to work to help contribute financially to her family. Although a setback this would not hold her back from achieving so much in her life. While maintaining a family of 8 Mama still found the time to build and run the catering business while Papa Luna continued to work full time. Mama Luna is so proud of how much Luna’s Kitchen has grown over the years. She continues to be our inspiration to persevere through hardships and keep Luna’s Kitchen thriving!


  1. How do you support other minority owned businesses?

Within recent years, because of the challenges associated with Covid-19, supporting fellow minority owned businesses has become very important to us. Understanding what it takes to build a business we have incorporated the use of our social media outlets to help promote other businesses. We’re all in this together! Reviews, recommendations, and shares are vital in sustaining and growing small minority owned business.


  1. What’s next for your business and how can others help you grow?


Many know that our goal is to open Luna’s Kitchen’s restaurant at 3124 Pleasanton RD. So, as we grow, we ask our customers to be patient with us as we’ve become more and more mobile moving around San Antonio. We are doing our best to get our name out there so that when someone needs a caterer or wants delicious BBQ, LUNA’S is their first thought. Yes, we need customers to buy our product to keep us open, but there are non-monetary ways to help us grow. Shares, reviews, recommendations, and tags on social media, to friends, clubs, event planners, and so on help us in so many ways. It gets our name recognized and sought out for places and events that get us closer to our goal! We’ve always said that our success is not just what we’ve accomplished but what we have achieved with your help and support! Give us one chance and we believe you’ll walk away thinking... Luna’s is one of San Antonio’s best kept secret that shouldn’t be kept a secret anymore.


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