Hispanic Heritage Month 2022: MONICA DEAN (Female Founder Spotlight)

Hispanic Heritage Month 2022: MONICA DEAN (Female Founder Spotlight)

MONICA DEAN: Female Founder Spotlight: Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

What Soul Wipe is? 

Natural Sanitation Wipe that is as effective as other wipes (70% alcohol content) but has the added benefit of being a mindfulness and wellbeing product due to its aromatic essential oils and crystals that are included to promote chakra alignment. The company is focused on bringing a soulful elevation to everyday products to help us bring peace back to our lives.

Introducing Soul Wipe

The idea for Soul Wipe came to me in the throes of the pandemic.

In August 2019, I went back to an office job after being a stay-at-home mom for over 16 years.  Suddenly, I was pulling double duty, and it was exhausting.  Everyone—including me—found it hard to adjust to my new role.   Even though I was excited to wear a suit and engage with colleagues again, in my head I was still a full-time mom.  I was trying to do it all and, no surprise, I found myself spinning.  I began to regain a sense of ease with the help of essential oils and my favorite crystals. Which I bought and placed in our bedroom, kitchen, and living room.  Slowly, the house lightened up, and my spirits lifted. Then the pandemic erupted.  The stress of a new job was nothing next to the chaos of our disrupted schedules and the panic of wanting to keep my family safe. If this stress and fear had a smell, it was the sanitation wipes I pulled out several times a day.  The odor weighed on my spirit. 

Why does being safe have to be so smelly?, I thought.  Why can’t these daily rituals be a time of ease?  A quick moment to surrender, to take a long breath and center myself?

I thought about what brought me peace of mind.  Why aren’t there hand-sanitizing wipes infused with essential oils?   Wipes that don’t just clean my hands, but also heal my spirit.

And Soul Wipe was born.

Why Essential Oils? Why Crystals?

I have used essential oils for years to create a sense of ease during my busy day.  Essential oils help me calm the monkey in my brain.  They allow me to center myself when I find I’m being pulled in multiple directions.  Crystals enhance the experience for me, by activating the energy I am trying to pull in.  My crystals heighten the vibration, allowing me to align with a desired frequency.

Essential oils also helped me begin a daily meditation practice.  I found that even if I only had a few minutes—usually once in the morning and once before I go to bed—the scent of essential oils would help me get into a space of ease. 

Each oil fragrance and crystal targets to open one of your seven chakras, the energy centers found in your body. The seven commonly referred to are the: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. Each one holds an energy when activated and aligned, can take your life into the magical mystical places of your inner being.

 Soul Wipe

Each Soul Wipe targets one chakra, by combing crystals and pure essential oil blends along with conditioning aloe and flowers that sanitize your hands, lift your spirits, conditions your hands and offers a brief reprieve in your hectic life.

Soul Wipe is 70 % ethyl alcohol.  70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizers, kill 99.9% of the bacteria on hands. Even if you don’t have time to mediate, you have time for a Soul Wipe. It’s a cheat “sheet” for mediation. Simply wipe your hands, dispose of the wipe. Inhale and focus on one chakra for a moment.  Breathe deep into your belly, pause, take another deep breath, and return to whatever you were doing. 

Just for a moment, just a few times a day, take that time for yourself.  Remember who you are, what you desire, and what is important to you.  And then live into that vision.

 “I hope to help create a few moments throughout each day, to allow a space for those dreams to become reality.  May the blend of these pure essential oils and crystals help you achieve your highest good.” * Center your Soul, Wipe your hands.

 Monica and her 3 teenage kids live in Manhattan Beach.


@soulwipeinc (Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok)

*My greatest success, other than bringing in the 3 most fabulous human beings into this planet has been creating a product that give a chance can help bring peace into our everyday life as a simple reminder to “breathe” and center yourself.  By allowing to align yourself you create a since of ease thought out your day.  I like being part of this serenity. 

*My advice to younger self is that it is ok to take chances, it is ok to believe in your dream.  Take a leap of faith you will land in the stars.  Even if not financially successful living a day that fills your heart is a good way of living your day. 

*Chasing your dreams is success with a capital “S” having a job no matter how financially lucrative, but not fulfilling, is success with a little “s” Give yourself a chance and be your biggest cheerleader. 

*This is my second round at the rodeo show as a entrepreneur.  Its never too late to try again.  I love that i’m getting this opportunity.  When I get down and think what I’m I thinking? I dig deep and remind myself “  Si se puede” A plant manager at the cosmetic company who helped manufacture Soul Wipe became a friend and would always remind me of this.  I will always be grateful for his support.

 *My work ethic came from both my Mom and Dad; Maria and Jose Rodriguez two of the hardest working people that I have ever known.  Everyone pulled together to make it happen in our family, work as a team and do your share.  Don’t make someone else pick up your slack.  Do your best! Maybe someone else could do it better but are you doing your best, and are you having fun as you’re doing it? 

*Oh no this is going to sound corny, I have pretty remarkable sisters.  Leticia Rodriguez brainiac that never stops learning and researching.  Taught me the importance of an education.  I owe my diploma from the University of Texas El Paso to her.  Not only did she loan me the money to go my first year, She insisted I have a back up plan to a dream; you need a degree she would state! And much of my success stories became realized because I had a bachelors.

Laura Rodriguez my younger sister with passion for history, government and making this world a better place.  This young woman walks to walk to back up her philosophies even though we don’t align politically I can never argue her purpose.  Her purpose it is to make this world a better place for the under represented.   Those not given the same opproetunies a forum to share their story.  She not only gives them a mike to share their stories she gives them her time and energy to feel appreciated.  And mentorship for direction sharing the wisdom of her travels. 

*My company is in its infantile state so financially all i can do is hire contractors who are female ( which i align with anyway) and when I find other women of color I share my resources with them to ease their journey with the lessons I’ve learned. 

*I have created a product that I am so proud of and next steps is to introduce it to the market place.  I am looking for shelf space and web space to get my product out there.  It is niche market that hasn’t been touched  yet but the mind body connection is a growing market and Soul Wipe will be part of this expansion of a mediative aide. My ask is for others who have been able to open the doors of brick and mortor stores to share their journey with me so i too can get a space at the table. 

With gratitude 

Monica Dean

Founder Soul Wipe Inc.

310 251 5972 






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