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Happy National Recycling Day!

Happy National Recycling Day from Chica Beauty! 

The United States is facing a global waste crisis. Despite representing only 5% of the world’s population, the U.S. generates more waste than any other country and a recent study found that as a country the U.S. recycles less than 22% of its discarded materials.

However, on National Recycling Day (aka “America Recycles Day”), we are reminded how much of an impact recycling can make to improve the environment. It significantly reduces the use of fossil fuel energy, carbon dioxide emissions and the need to extract new materials from the planet. Today we are reminded about how vital it is for ourselves and the planet to do everything we can to redirect waste and keep it out of landfills!

Chica Beauty is determined to help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint by following the 3 R’s - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. As both producers and consumers, we have a sustainable responsibility to be environmentally conscious in the decisions we make. 

Chica Beauty uses sustainable and recyclable packaging to limit the waste we produce. To further our dedication to the environment, we have partnered with TerraCycle.

TerraCycle’s mission is to eliminate the idea of waste and provide alternative uses for discarded materials. They partner with brands like Chica Beauty to create recycling programs and work with manufacturers to help them make their products and/or packages from waste.

This collaboration allows Chica Beauty customers to donate any used makeup bottles with the faith that they will be properly recycled and reused.

 There are many simple ways you can recycle on your own so you can reduce the impact you have on the environment!

  1. Reuse bags. The less we use plastic the better!
  2. Create a simple compost system with this DIY Guide
  3. Donate your goods. Keep items out of landfills and contribute to the circular economy.
  4. Review what materials you can and can’t place in your curbside recycling bin with this Recycling 101 Guide

 At Chica Beauty’s upcoming birthday celebration in San Antonio, Texas, we will collect and recycle all brands of empty cosmetic packaging and give $5 to spend on any Chica Beauty products. "We are excited to present an easy solution to help our customers recycle their old makeup products and keep them out of landfills," says Chica Beauty co-founder Mei-Lon Jimenez. Chica Beauty has partnered with Kendra Scott and the event will take place at Kendra Scott in The Quarry Village on November 30th from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (RSVP link here)

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