Happy Hispanic Heritage Month from Chica Beauty!

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month from Chica Beauty!

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month from Chica Beauty! 

Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes the achievements and accomplishments made by Americans who identify as Hispanic and celebrates their traditions and history and Chica Beauty wants to help you celebrate this month!  

It began in 1968 as a single week commemorating the Latin community and by 1988, President Ronald Regan enacted this month-long celebration into law. It begins on September 15th, a significant date for the five Latin American countries that gained independence on September 15th, 1821. 

Ever since, Hispanic Heritage Month has been an opportunity for people across the United States to come together and honor the contributions made by millions of Hispanic Americans. This year’s theme is “Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation” and there are plenty of ways we can celebrate all month long. This month allows the United States to come together and honor the countless contributions made by Hispanic Americans, find ways where we can offer additional support and continue doing so even after the month is over!


If you have the resources, consider donating to organizations that support Hispanic Americans. There are many organizations like the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities which provide families with information and resources to receive a good education. United We Dream and Make the Road New York are also two highly-recognized organizations that help immigrants who may need assistance. 


Take some time to educate yourself further about Hispanic history, culture and traditions. There are many ways to do this. Whether it's through books, movies, museums or various online resources, so much can be learned! PBS's six-part documentary series The Latino Americans provides a valuable history lesson about Latinos in the United States from the sixteenth century to today and can help provide more context to the largest minority group in America. 


Look out for events happening in your community where you can celebrate! There may be concerts, food and art fairs or organized events to help you educate, celebrate and support all month long!


There are many companies with by Hispanic leaders you can support. Chica Beauty is run by 3rd generation Latinas, and to reference our culture we wanted each set to have a story behind. Our Boss/Jefa set was created to inspire the leader within us & our Love/Amor set includes our BOLD “Mija” red lipstick, inspired by our grandmother who taught us to be BOLD in life & everything we do! Another way to support the Latinx community is by purchasing work done by Hispanic artists. It’s a great way to learn more about the Hispanic culture while also showing your appreciation. 

Although Hispanic Heritage Month is only 30 days, we should continue to celebrate and stay informed long after the month ends! 

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