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Getting Chic with Chica Beauty

LivingLifeRosy (Nov 9, 2020)

Getting Chic with Chica Beauty

Hi Lovelies! 

I'm no beauty guru, and must admit that my makeup regiment is very plain and simple. I tend to stick with neutral tones and love to go for a more natural look. I recently had the opportunity to try Chica Beauty and wanted to share my experience with you.
Life of rosy blogger with Chica beauty hustle makeup set
About Chica Beauty
Chica Beauty was started by two sisters, Toni and Mei-Lon Jimenez. Their mission is to empower young girls and women to be their authentic selves. They initially launched a magazine, which led to their beauty line launch. They believe that make up should be simple and enhance your natural beauty.

Chica Beauty is a small business run by two women who are very passionate about helping out their community. Chica Beauty is a makeup line that gives back. $1 of each sale is donated to a charity geared towards women. With their #ChicaGives initiative, Chica Beauty has been able to donate to multiple organizations, and has helped young girls and women feel more confident in their skin. They view their community as a sisterhood.

The Hustle Set

I love that every set/product has a name that resonates to women such as: The Hustle, and Jefa sets. I had the opportunity to try the Hustle Set, which consisted of the Gloss Boss Lip Gloss and the Nine to Five Mascara. The set came in a eco-friendly bag, and all packaging is 100% recyclable.
I fell in love with the shine of the Gloss Boss Lip Gloss! It's the perfect amount of gloss and shine. I've tried other lipglosses in the past which have been super glossy and messy, or not shiny at all. The Boss Gloss Lip Gloss is very comfortable to wear and easy to apply! Not sticky at all, and mess free.

I'm a sucker for a simple jet black mascara, so the Nine to Five Mascara was perfect for me. I love that it was super lightweight and non-clumpy compared to other products. This mascara is perfect for a quick on the go look.


I loved my experience with Chica Beauty. If you're looking for everyday products that help accentuate your natural beauty, I recommend giving them a try. A great product for all ages.


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-Love Rosy

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