Fall Makeup Trends

Fall Makeup Trends

Fall has officially begun! With this new season comes cozy sweaters, pumpkin-flavored everything and, of course, new makeup trends! Here are three simple fall makeup ideas, perfect for women on the go, that can be easily added to your simplified beauty routine with just a few of Chica Beauty’s super fun active beauty products:


MIJA red lipstick is a MUST for this fall. Oh, what a bold red lipstick can do! This simple, timeless look is perfect for cooler nights both out with friends or staying in with the family! For a lighter look, pair it with our Gloss Boss Lip Gloss. 

The “All-Natural” Look!

Look, we get it. As much as we love Fall, we can all admit that as the leaves change colors and summer feels like only a memory, our lives are getting busier! Chica Beauty's Tinted Moisturizer is the perfect solution for the quintessential problem of never having enough time to do your makeup before running out the door. This everyday essential product allows you to effortlessly attan that “no-makeup” makeup look by subtly accentuating your own natural beauty… a perfect choice for everyone! 

Blush Please!

As the weather gets colder, obtaining sun-kissed cheeks may seem like a distant dream we once had. But not to worry…. Chica Beauty's Peach Daiquiri Powder Blush helps achieve the autumn version of rosy summer cheeks! A quick tap of this onto your cheeks, and even on your eyelids, can help bring out the warmth of your face that may be hiding behind the colder weather! 

Happy Fall Y’all! #GETITCHICA

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