Glow on Camera with This New Beauty Routine

Glow on Camera with This New Beauty Routine

This past year, many of us went from not knowing a thing about Zoom to learning it like the back of our hand. Even those of us who don’t use Zoom have had to adjust the ways we see ourselves to get used to how we look on a laptop or phone camera, or even with a mask on. At Chica Beauty, we want everyone to feel confident all the time! That’s why we’re sharing some beauty tips that will help your face glow on zoom.

The major thing to know is BIGGER is BETTER over Zoom. Just like with stage makeup, the heavier the look, the more likely anyone will be able to notice via phone or laptop camera. While foundation is less important now (if they can’t see your lipgloss they can’t see your skin insecurities!), lip color and blush are much more important. Our BOSS/JEFA set is PERFECT for this! Our powder blushes are buildable, so you can practice how much you need for a perfect Zoom flush! And our liquid matte lipsticks come in three radiant colors that will ensure that your lips are popping for that next meeting or FaceTime date! You can find our BOSS/JEFA set here - go be the boss you are!

In theme with bigger being better, our LASHES need a lot of love to be noticeably battable over our cameras. To keep your lashes healthy and allow them to grow naturally, we recommend using an eyelash curler (like our team’s beloved THE Eyelash Curler) and a poppin’, long-lasting mascara like our Nine-to-Five Mascara to make sure your gorgeous lashes don’t go unnoticed! 

Last but not least, now is the time to play with eyeliner if you haven’t before! You can smudge or apply unevenly, and no one will even notice! But don’t worry, we’ve made it easy for you to apply cleanly with our easy-to-use pencil liner, which comes in four fun colors that will emphasize the shape of your eyes and make them look more engaging, even if your WiFi is faltering and your video looks blurry! You can find our pencil eyeliner here:, and don’t be afraid to try out a fun color like Midnight Plum for a subtly playful look! 


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