How To Protect and Grow Your Lashes

How To Protect and Grow Your Lashes

Chicas! We were so excited to celebrate NATIONAL EYELASH DAY last Friday on February 19th!!! While we tend to focus our beauty routines on other features like our eyes or lips, eyelashes are one of the most underestimated features of our face! They bat, they blink, and they protect the windows to our soul! In celebration of this wonderful holiday, we are going to discuss some ways that you can protect your natural lashes and help them grow to be the best that they can be.

The first vital tip is to WASH your face every night before bed. Trust us, we know it can be HARD to take the time for a nighttime skincare routine after a long day of work when you just want to hit your pillow. But those hours you spend sleeping every night do some of the most damage to your lashes! While sleeping, we lose all reservations. We toss and turn, we grab for sheets, and we RUB OUR EYES! So on top of this, leaving on your oil or makeup from the day hurts your lashes even more. We’ve found that removing makeup with Pond’s Cold Cream (the one with the green lid!) feels really gentle and even helps smooth out fine lines around your eyes. This tip is from a dear family friend who had the greatest skin of any 80-year-old and who swore by Pond’s. Don’t worry if it feels a little greasy right after washing it off, your eyes will soak up all that goodness throughout the night and open with a dewy freshness! 

Next, be GENTLE with your lashes! Our eyelids and under eyes are extremely sensitive, and tugging at them at all can cause wrinkles and lashes to fall out. Whether it’s during removal, makeup application, or just a nervous habit, try to rub gently, if at all. 

Keep your eyelash area MOIST! While it’s vital to wash off makeup, most cleansers are drying, so use a gentle cleanser. Additionally, don’t forget about your eyelid area while moisturizing. This will help your lashes stay healthy and strong, and also help your skin stay elastic and young! 

Last but not least, avoid falsies! We know how tempting a glam look with some fake eyelashes can look - trust us. But besides those few occasions, it’s best to avoid putting glue over such a sensitive area. INSTEAD, we recommend using a quality eyelash curler like our THE Eyelash Curler! Gently clamping your lashes into our curler for about 10 seconds on each side will transform your natural lashes into the curled, luscious glam lashes that you’ve been looking for. With the right mascara application, you can use this look for either a total glam look or a more natural appearance that screams “I take care of my lashes!” 

THE Eyelash Curler can be found here, and it’s only $15 for a gorgeous, rose-gold, customized Chica Beauty tool!: 

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