Celebrating New Chapters and the Art of Graduating Strong

Celebrating New Chapters and the Art of Graduating Strong

June 2021 has finally come upon us and graduation season is has commenced once again - but not quite how we are used to. 

Different parts of the country and of the world have different capacities for celebration now due to the year-and-a-half long pandemic that we are enduring as a human race. And while it is important and healing to recognize the complex emotions that may come with loss - the loss of the ability to walk across a graduation stage like you had imagined since you were young, the loss of the celebration you imagined for your daughter. It's okay to be sad about the loss of those things, but this June we at Chica Beauty want to CELEBRATE all of the graduating members of our Sisterhood!

Today, we are thankful that all of these confident, strong, radiant Beauties persevered and got their degrees and diplomas! Cheers to you, Sisters! YOU DID IT!!!

Graduating Beauties

"We had to keep it small this May when my friends and I graduated college. For us, this was a hard concept to swallow. But being in our college home's backyard with just us girls and our parents made me feel SO special and SO happy! My favorite part was seeing all of our moms take a shot of tequila together - this was their celebration too and getting to see them the moment our names were called was a blessing!" - Emma Gelinas 

Beautiful Graduate

"While I was taking graduation photos with my best friends on a campus that I had not been on in months, I got a phone call and a job offer! I had been feeling sad about this chapter of my life ending, but that felt like fate telling me good things are coming in the next one too." - Millie Warwick 

Chica Beauty Graduation

"I was the only girl in my class who majored in Physics. For four years, I pushed to break through the 'boys club' of science in higher education, and this year I finally did. I was chosen to present my research in a research symposium, and I was the only Physics major picked! The symposium was online, but doing it at home with all of my roommates in the other room watching from their computers and cheering me on brought a whole other level of magic to it! I got to walk out, shaking with nerves, and hug the girls who supported me these four years. I could not have done it without the sisters I found in college! I am forever thankful." - Birdie Ligos 

We are so eternally inspired by our Sisterhood and could not miss this opportunity to celebrate some of the most stellar Chicas that we know.

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