chica beauty fiesta san antonio mini eyeshadow palette get it chica ipsy boxycharm

Welcome to Chica Beauty, IPSY! FIESTA Mini Eyeshadow Palette!


welcome to chica beauty ipsy and boxycharm fiesta mini eyeshadow palette get it chica mei-lon and toni sisterpreneurs

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¡Bienvenidas a Chica Beauty! Founded by two sisters, our journey began with the creation of ChicaGirl Magazine, redefining beauty standards by featuring only real girls on the cover—no celebrities or supermodels. This commitment laid the foundation for Chica Beauty, an extension of our 15-year legacy.

Chica Beauty is a purpose-driven Latina beauty brand on a mission to enrich the lives of "women on the go" everywhere, in all communities, and for all ages. Our core mission is to empower women of all ages to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Embracing the diversity of girls and women, we promote 'true' beauty, celebrating various body sizes, facial features, ethnicities, skin tones, and lifestyles.

Inspired by our Latina culture and heritage, Chica Beauty celebrates the vibrancy and strength embedded in our roots. We offer high-quality, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and eco-friendly beauty sets designed to simplify the routines of real women on the go. Here’s to women's empowerment through simplicity and the celebration of real beauty—a journey that began with ChicaGirl Magazine and continues passionately with Chica Beauty.

Chica Beauty is a purpose-driven Latina beauty brand, on a mission to simplify beauty routines and empower "women on the go" of all ages and communities. As “real-life” sisters, our uniqueness lies in integrating our Latina culture into every aspect of the brand. We celebrate diversity, enhance natural beauty, and give nods to our rich heritage, offering thoughtfully curated products that embrace simplicity. Chica Beauty is more than just a makeup company; it's a sisterhood that inspires confidence and inclusivity, making sure that our shared cultural journey enriches the lives of all who join us.

 WE ARE! We’re the founders and face of the business!!! We know when we share the meaning of our products and as the sisters and founders ,we know it is successful because people resonate with our stories and support us by purchasing our products. This is what worked for us when we were on QVC, HSN, and the Jennifer Hudson show! That’s why we plan to continue with this strategy for this super exciting launch and for the entire year ahead! We would LOVE to share our story as Ipsy partners too! We will raise our hands however Mei-Lon and I can share our story and brand on your platforms too.

CHICA BEAUTY ipsy boxycharm fiesta san antonio min ieyehshadow palette get it chica

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