Women Worth Celebrating... and remember you're worth celebrating too!

Women Worth Celebrating... and remember you're worth celebrating too!

Happy International Women's Day Chicas!

We are so thankful for you all, and so excited to celebrate all women this month. Our mission has always been women empowerment and inclusivity; without these passions Chica Beauty would have never been born! 

We are celebrating International Women's Day today with spotlights of women from around the world who inspire us. 

Check out our Women Worth Celebrating feature! And remember, you're worth celebrating too!


When Kamala Harris was sworn in as Vice President of the United States on January 20, 2021, she became the first woman, the first African American, and the first Asian American ever to serve in that office. Born in Oakland, CA to Stanford University professor Donald Harris and biomedical scientist Shyamala Gopalan, Kamala Harris has succeeded in just about everything she has ever set out to accomplish. She was Attorney General of California and U.S. Senator for California before joining Joe Biden in defeating Donald Trump and Mike Pence in the 2020 presidential election. We celebrate Kamala Harris during Women’s History month for her groundbreaking accomplishments and for her inspiration to millions of young women in the United States and throughout the world!


Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first African American woman to be nominated to the United States Supreme Court. As President Joe Biden’s pick to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer, Jackson will next face confirmation hearings in the U.S. Senate. With her impressive resumé as a graduate of Harvard Law School and current Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, Jackson is expected to be sworn in as the sixth woman and first African American woman on the U.S. Supreme Court. We celebrate this monumental accomplishment during Women’s History Month and wish Ketanji Brown Jackson a long and brilliant career in the highest court in the land!


We’ve all heard of Cesar Chavez, but less celebrated is Dolores Huerta, the woman who worked diligently by his side for the rights of farm workers. We celebrate Dolores Huerta during Women’s History Month by remembering her selfless activism. Huerta began her work for farmers rights while she was teaching their children. She realized that she could do more for the hungry and barefoot children by helping their parents achieve equitable working conditions. She has led boycotts, demonstrations, protests, and lobbies for the United Farm Workers. We celebrate her selflessness, strength, perseverance and modesty!


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