Chica Beauty's Sisterpreneur Mei-Lon

Chica Beauty’s New Birthday Set - Happy Birthday Mei-Lon!

This Women’s History Month, we are thrilled to be celebrating our awesome sisterpreneur and co-founder Mei-Lon’s birthday! Mei-Lon has a personality that is part glamour girl and part no fuss. She's a get-it-done, down-to-earth, hard working woman. Here are some of our favorite inspiring facts about her:

  1. She has always been used to being the only woman in the room in her professional career, from her undergraduate studies as a biology major to climbing up to the top of the corporate ladder and sitting in boardrooms post grad. 
  2. She has always prioritized giving back: growing up she remembers visiting women’s shelters and always donating and helping animals in conservation ranches. As an adult, she has volunteered with organizations such as Tree People, City of Hope, and the Lovejoy Foundation for the past twenty years! With her business endeavors like Scholarsox and Chica Beauty, she has prioritized raising money for girls to achieve their higher education dreams and to empower women in general. 
  3. She has had a wide variety of super cool corporate experiences! She holds many certifications, like Lean Six Sigma certification, wine certification, PR media certification, and more. Her favorite part of being in the corporate world is the opportunity it gave her to travel and explore the world. She has traveled to over 40 different countries! She says: “Being recognized for my work and recruited globally was a true testament to my work and I’m proud of that accomplishment,” on working in Australia. 

We are so inspired by our BOSS Mei-Lon and her compassion, dedication, and ambition! And as if having her as a role-model is not enough, she has hand-crafted her own LIMITED EDITION Birthday Set with her go-to pieces that embody her personality at a price worth celebrating!:


Mei-Lon's Birthday Set


Hardworking pieces and Customer Favorites that deliver the glam in 3 easy steps:

Tinted Moisturizer: 3 in 1 SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizer The perfect balance of pigment effortlessly perfects while skincare inspired ingredients hydrate and protect. 

THE Rose Gold Eyelash Curler: Naturally transforms lashes into a curvaceous, fluttery frame for a doe-eyed effect. 

Gloss Boss: A gorgeous, naturally flattering shade for all skin tones that delivers a smooth, long lasting luster that works to moisturize and refresh your lips. 

Biodegradable Bag: Boss/Jefa bag fits all the essentials easily and goes where you go! 



Happy Birthday Mei-Lon, and thank you for the amazing gift of saving $15 on your birthday set! 

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