This Yoga Pose Will Cure Your Back

This Yoga Pose Will Cure Your Back

This past year has given us the opportunity to learn a lot about ourselves. We have learned that we need to prioritize ourselves and our needs - or else we could never have survived 2020! That is why in 2021, the Chica Beauty family will be focusing on bringing self-care tips to our CB Sisterhood, starting with a vital one: how to counteract all the work we do in front of us, on our phones and computers, and give our bodies the stretch they have been craving for months. 

In order to do this stretch, you will need two yoga blocks. These  can be purchased from or a variety of websites online. If it is not possible to access yoga blocks, you can attempt the same pose by using your two hardest pillows and folding them to simulate a hard block that would lift you up. 

How to get into the pose (use photo for reference!): 

*this pose should not hurt, so please be careful and have a loved-one help initially!

Begin by placing the blocks vertically (their tallest form) about a half-foot away from each other. Rotate them so they’re making a long, vertical line, like your spine! 

Next, lay down slowly, matching up the bottom end of your shoulder blades with the bottom of the closest block. The top block is meant for you to rest your head. Adjust accordingly.

Finally, extend your arms outwards like a bird, releasing all control over them and letting them fall freely towards the ground. You should be making a T-shape with your body.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply here, feeling the release of tension in your chest and enjoying a stretch your body has never felt before! 

Thank yourself for taking this time and giving your body the love it needs. 

Pro tip: Take this pose outside! This pose maximizes benefits when paired with direct sunlight - taking 15-30 minutes out of your day to rest, relax, get vitamin D and counteract work-from-home hunchback will improve the entire course of your day! 

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