Hispanic Heritage Month 2022: NADIA RAMON (Female Founder Spotlight)

Hispanic Heritage Month 2022: NADIA RAMON (Female Founder Spotlight)

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NADIA RAMON: Female Founder Spotlight

Hi, my name is Nadia Ramon and I am the artist behind Dezynr (pronounced as designer). I started working with polymer clay in May of 2020 and have since celebrated two amazing years in business. 

You can shop at www.dezynr.shop  Social media: @dezynr_

What has been your greatest success? My greatest success was leaving my corporate job of 8 years to pursue my business and exceeding it. 

 What has been your biggest challenge and how have you faced it/overcome it? My biggest challenges have been handling social media while also successfully creating. I hired a life coach who taught me how to stay organized, how to balance work/personal life, and how to take care of my mental health through it all. Continuing to stay balanced is how I continue to overcome any challenge that comes my way. 

What advice would you give to yourself if you could go back in time?  I would tell myself to do more research. I struggled a lot when I started because I had no idea of what I was doing and with research I could have saved myself so much time, energy, and money. 

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs? I advise them to ask questions and that no question is silly if it's important to them. I also advise them to do the research, to read articles, listen to the youtube videos, and to believe in themselves. 

September is Hispanic Heritage Month.  What does that mean to you personally and to you as a business owner? As a proud latina, I find it very special to celebrate as a business. This means that I create beautiful pieces inspired by my culture, my upbringing, and I get to share with others also love and appreciate our heritage. 

Does your culture play a role in your business?  My culture is expressed throughout every aspect of my business. From the serape that is behind my logo, to the serapes that decorate my vendor table at markets, to all of the pieces that are fully inspired by my culture,  my business fully embodies my culture and it is something that I am very proud to express. 

Who are your role models?  I look up to Dolores Huerta for her perseverance and her work to help others. She grew up in very similar circumstances as my undocumented parents and admire her fighting for others in the many ways that she did. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is also a woman who holds many firsts for us Latinas and I hope to be admired like her one day. 

How do you support other minority owned businesses? I support by purchasing as much as possible from local minority vendors. I also have a separate Instagram page called @SATX Chingona where I spotlight all businesses in an effort to promote them and open networking opportunities for them. That page was created to assist other business owners with tips and resources that I’ve learned along the way as a business owner. Through my third social media page called The Market SATX, I create a safe space for small businesses to sell their items. My goal is to curate a fair market for all vendors and to expose them to new crowds around San Antonio. 

Social Media:  SATX Chingona / The Market SATX 

What's next for your business and how can others help you grow? My next steps are to work endlessly to have my items in more shops nationwide.  would also love to grow SATX Chingona into a physical space where I hold seminars or workshops to provide more resources to small business owners.


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