"Female Founders Spotlight" with Lys Santamaria #womensupportingwomen

"Female Founders Spotlight" with Lys Santamaria #womensupportingwomen

We can’t wait for you to meet @lys.artist Lys Santamaria, a contemporary beadwork artist. The first featured female to kick off our sisterhood spotlight during Women’s History month! ✨

When: Wednesday March 2, 2022

Where: IG “LIVE”

Time: 1:30pm CST

Contemporary Beadwork Artist, Lys Santamaria, is best known for her labor-intensive portraits that transform thousands of tiny beads into expressive and colorful portraits and jewelry. Santamaria believes that artwork can heal the artist, the viewer, and the world. Her work is focused on shedding light on people, events, and experiences that are often underrepresented in popular culture. Her mission is to use her hands to create beauty, tell a story, connect with others and create more joy and happiness in our world. Santamaria’s work was recently featured on Good Morning America, a national LegalZoom commercial, and published in Austin Monthly magazine. Her work has been shown at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport and is part of the permanent collection at the Mexic-Arte Museum. Born in Colombia and raised in Canada/USA, she now lives and works from her home studio in Austin, Texas. #getitchica #jefa #boss #girlpower #womenshistorymonth #entrepreneurialwomen #chicabeauty #femalefounders

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