Cleaner Oceans with Chica Beauty

Cleaner Oceans with Chica Beauty

Happy World Oceans Day Chicas!

This year, Chica Beauty wants to raise awareness to our Sisterhood about how to help our beautiful oceans heal from human-made disasters. 

Cleaner Oceans with Chica Beauty

The introduction of microfiber plastic in oceans is ones of the most pressing issues our environment. These pollutants can hurt natural ecosystems and wreck habitats. 

Co-Founder Mei-Lon Jimenez has been collecting microfibers from local beaches in California and on a recent trip to Hawaii in efforts to help the environment.

Chica Beauty Eco-Mural

Mei-Lon created art using the microfiber plastics found at Kailua Beach in Honolulu Hawaii!

We want our Chica Beauty Sisterhood to get involved too! Sometimes it can be overwhelming hearing about heart breaking things like microplastics hurting our beautiful oceans, so the Chica Beauty sisterhood has made it easy for you to do something about it!

West Coast Chicas - hit the links below to help heal Mother Nature

Heal the Bay

The Surfrider Foundation


East Coast Beauties - check out these amazing ways to do your part!

The Marine Debris Program

Hudson River Park

NYC Environmental Protection Group


Chica Beauty Loves the Beach

We love you Chicas, and we are so lucky be able to share these organizations with you so that we can all do what we can to make a positive difference in the world! 

As always, follow us on socials @chicabeautyusa, join our Chica Beauty Sisterhood at

Until next blog Chicas! Don't forget to #getitchica



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