Chica Beauty Summer! Celebrating Confidence, Relaxation, and Doing What We Love!

Chica Beauty Summer! Celebrating Confidence, Relaxation, and Doing What We Love!

As schools across the nation start to be let out and we have more opportunities to catch the sunset after our long work days it is becoming abundantly clear that summer is just around the corner! Walking outside smells like a fresh bouquet and our skin finally gets to soak up some vitamin D. A Chica Beauty Summer means relaxation, confidence, and prioritizing doing what we love. Celebrate summer with Chica Beauty's favorite summer beauty hacks to protect and promote our beauty!

1. SPF!

You have probably heard it a million times, but protecting our skin with SPF, no matter what our natural complexion is, is the first step to long-lasting beauty. Sun-damage does not always have to look like a burn; every tan is evidence of some sun damage. That's why it is key to find a sunscreen that you love, whether it is because it makes your skin smell delicious, look ultra-hydrated, or gives it a subtle shimmer, so that applying SPF is a fun daily ritual. 

Chica Beauty Protection

2. Protect your face! 

Protecting your face is key because our facial skin is extremely sensitive and any direct sunlight will cause it to age more quickly. Chica Beauty makes face-protection easy with our Tinted Moisturizer, which not only protects your face with SPF 30 but contains antioxidants and anti-aging properties all while giving you natural coverage for the rest of the day. We recommend using our Tinted Moisurizer DAILY, because UV rays thrive even on the cloudiest days. 

Chica Beauty's SPF

Protecting your face on days where the sun is extra strong can be made fun by playing around with a hat! This summer is all about the big, floppy vacation hat, Chicas. Even if you're sipping an Arnold Palmer right in your own backyard, nothing screams Chica Beauty Summer like a gorgeous, wide-brimmed hat. Now that stores across the nation are starting to open back up, we recommend finding a local small business that sells hats and trying on their entire collection. Your new hat will feel right at home on your head when you use this method! 

Chica Beauty Skin Protection

3. Draw on sun-spots

This year has come with many new beauty tips because everyone has had time to try new tricks. One of our new favorites is the faux-freckle trend! Using a brown eyeliner pencil like our Chocolate Pencil Eyeliner, start applying dots to the bridge of your nose and inner cheeks. To make this look natural, make sure that the dots are different sizers and tones by pressing harder for some than others. Don't go from one side of your face to the other; instead, let your hand draw them on in a random order so that they look like the sun herself put them there! Once you like how your nose and inner cheeks look, you can add some stray freckles to your outer cheeks to complete the look! 

The next step is using a blush to blend in the freckles. While you could just use a blush-brush, we have found that applying a glowy blush color enhances the sun-kissed look! For this look, we used our Peach Daquiri Powder Blush and applied it down our cheekbone, over our nose, and up our other cheekbone. Blush always gives a beachy glow, but applying it to the nose is our favorite trick for making it look like we've been spending our days laid up in the sand (even when we've been protecting our face!). 

Chica Beauty Faux Freckles

4. Use a Dew Balm for your highlighter

This summer we are obsessed with Dew Balms for our highlighter. Dew Balm is a gel-consistency that applies to your face and feels almost like Vaseline, but when used as highlighter it gives a gorgeous, dewy-yet-natural glow! Dew Balms catch the light perfectly, which makes them a great staple for any summer outing. 

5. Treat yourself to our gorgeous Feliz y Flowers Set! 

This summer we wanted to celebrate all things floral, which is why we've made our Feliz y Flowers Set! The set is inspired by three different flowers: the Dahlia, the Orchid, and the Hibiscus.

The Dahlia Set is inspired by the lasting grace and kindness of the Dahlia, with regal shades of purple that flow effortlessly into soft shades of pink. The Dahlia is also the national flower of Mexico! This set comes with our Midnight Plum Eyeliner and Lotus Blush. 

Chica Beauty Dahlia Set

Create your own version by applying a soft layer of Lotus blush from your brow bone to your lash line with a large, all-over shadow brush for a soft wash of color. Next, line your eyes with the Midnight Plum pencil eyeliner. You can use the eyeliner traditionally, just along the top lashes, or have little more fun with some of the current liner trends such as an extended wing!

The Orchid Set is inspired by exotic, luxurious love. The most rare Orchids can only be found in Mexico, making them special just like our Chica Beauties! This set comes with our Charcoal Eyeliner and Barely Mauve Blush. 

Orchid Set

Get your own Orchid-worthy look by applying Barely Mauve blush from your brow bone to your lash line with a large, all-over shadow brush for a soft wash of color. Next, use an angle shadow brush and apply a second layer from center of your eyelid's crease to the outer corner or your eyelid for added intensity. Then we use the Charcoal pencil eyeliner to line across top and bottom lash line in a traditional manner, but we also apply and smudge at outer corner to give a smoked out finish. To do this, make a V at outer corner of your eye and then draw a small line right in the middle. Next, smudge your lines with your finger. Add more if needed to get the desired look you want! 

Last but not least, the Hibiscus Set.

The Hibiscus Set is inspired by the tenderness and warmth of the Hibiscus. We paired peachy tones and intertwined strands of chocolate with this collection. Hibiscus flowers are classic summer beauties that express a sense of youth and femininity. Our Hibiscus Set comes with our Chocolate Eyeliner and Peach Daquiri Blush, making it the perfect set for trying the faux-freckle trend!

Chica Beauty Hibiscus Set

Get your Chica Beauty Hibiscus Glow going this season – apply Peach Daiquiri from your brow bone to your lash line with a large, all-over shadow brush then go back and apply a second layer only at the outer corner with same brush. Use Chocolate pencil liner across the length of your top and bottom lash line. For added drama, you can also line the waterline (top, bottom or both!) or a cat eye flick! 

CB Hibiscus Set

6. Stay hydrated!

The number one key to looking good and feeling good is simply hydration. We recommend splurging on a nice water bottle that you LOVE and which has an easy-to-drink-from lid so that drinking water becomes an addiction for you! Another fun trick for staying hydrated is planting mint! Mint is an invasive plant, so once you plant just one mint plant, dozens more will pop up! We love going out to our gardens or planters and picking fresh mint to add to our ice water in the mornings - there is nothing more refreshing or self-loving than doing this simple act for yourself each summer morning! For an extra boost, add a squeeze of lemon to this recipe. 

Hydration with Chica Beauty

7. Get moving! 

Just thirty minutes of exercise per day could be life-changing. Now that we are beginning to overcome this pandemic, the outdoors is a much friendlier place! This summer, take yourself outside for thirty minutes a day for a walk around the neighborhood, quick yoga routine, a jog or even a simple stretch! Not only is this a nice way to engage with the community, but thirty minutes of sunlight per day, especially for our busy BOSS/JEFA Chicas, is vital for peace of mind! Moving gets your endorphins up and keeps us physically healthy, but also promotes our mental health which we all know is a key to success!

Keep up with our blog all summer for healthy recipes, more beauty tricks, and all the Sisterhood love this summer Chicas! 

CB Summer Love

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Until next week, Chicas. 


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