Chica Beauty on The Jennifer Hudson Show!

Chica Beauty on The Jennifer Hudson Show!

On December 15th, Mei-Lon and Toni Jimenez arrived at the Warner Brothers Studio to film their guest appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show! They had to keep this exciting news quiet, as they were told it wouldn’t air until January 3rd. To our surprise, we got a call late that night after filming and it was decided to air our segment two days later!!!!


On the show, Mei-Lon and Toni had the amazing opportunity to share Chica Beauty’s message with Jennifer Hudson and what makes their company more than a beauty company. They talked about how Chica Beauty started, what motivates their brand and the outreach Mei-Lon and Toni continue to do for their community.

Jennifer appreciated the #GETITCHICA mission so much, she invited a representative from Bank of America on the stage with all of them. Bank of America loved Chica Beauty’s dedication to helping people feel confident with beauty and wanted to further their commitment to small businesses. To help ensure our mission continues to spread to as many people as possible, Bank of America and Mastercard gave Chica Beauty a small business grant of $25,000! 

Words cannot explain the past few days' excitement, joy, and overwhelming emotions! This has been a fantastic opportunity, and we cannot thank everyone enough for their love and support. We hope you get a chance to watch and relate to our brand and our message. We want to make your life easier and make sure you focus on yourself, which is most important! 


 Thank you again for everything and as always, #getitchica ⁠

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