Chica Beauty Internship Program

Chica Beauty Internship Program

Chica Beauty Internship Program – Now Taking Fall Applications!


We are so excited to announce that Chica Beauty is now taking Fall 2022 applications for our internship program! This is an amazing opportunity for well-qualified applicants to become one of our next Chica Beauty interns. We LOVE to invest in the future and our internship program is one of the best and most rewarding ways to accomplish this goal. 


Our interns are so special to us and they are super valuable members of our Chica Beauty family. As part of our program, interns have the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the makeup & beauty industry, have access to exclusive industry events, and acquire valuable speaking opportunities. Applicants from a wide variety of academic backgrounds have found meaningful and successful positions in our program and have been able to translate that success into advancement of their academic and career dreams. We are so thrilled to help our interns in any way that we can, including glowing letters of recommendation to grad schools, scholarship programs, and prospective employers. 


As a rapidly growing business, there are a wide variety of skill sets that we value to help us in our mission to provide simple beauty solutions and build a community that supports women and celebrates true beauty. We sell beauty sets, makeup sets, and everyday beauty essentials specifically targeted not only to young Hispanic and Latina girls and women but also to women on the go and anybody who values active beauty products designed to get out of the way and leave more time to do the things you love! As a member of our Chica Beauty team, you will go long way in helping us to provide high quality, clean, gorgeous makeup that celebrates true beauty!


Internship opportunities include, but are not limited to, positions as Social Media Coordinators, Content Writers, and Data Analysts. We have a multifaceted approach to succeeding in the makeup & beauty industry and there are always new and exciting ways to contribute to our corporate mission. Social media presence is one of the key aspects of our approach to marketing and brand recognition. Applicants with social media savvy will find challenging and rewarding ways to contribute to a makeup and beauty company that is just taking off! Some college majors that are sought after in this field include Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Communications, Computer Science, Advertising, and Visual Arts. We have found that interns who are able to show success in social media positions have a bevy of opportunities waiting for them in the business world—both inside and outside our industry. 


Applicant's with amazing writing skills will also find a vast array of ways to hone their craft in a business setting. We are living in a digital world but the written word is still a vital aspect of any business trying to compete and thrive in the corporate world. Chica Beauty values creative writing as a way to make our company stand out in content design, marketing, and advertising. English, Literature, Journalism and Communications majors will find many opportunities to contribute to the building of our brand and also present employers and grad school admissions officers with proven marketable skills.


Data Analysis is another exciting field that is vital to our success at Chica Beauty. This enables us to see the “narrative behind the numbers.” There is a vast amount of statistical and econometric information that we analyze to help us get to know our customers, recognize industry trends, and make well-informed business decisions. Interns in this field can put their mathematical and analytical skills to the test and gain an excellent track record in getting proven results in a competitive industry. Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Business, Computer Science, and Information Systems majors are just some of the areas of study that are valued in this arena. 


If none of these fields seem to match your own personal style but you see a future for yourself in the makeup & beauty industry, let us know...we may be able to find a place where you will fit in as a successful intern with Chica Beauty! We are looking for highly motivated, responsible, and intelligent young individuals with a strong ethic…and if you love makeup like we do, you will find that FREE makeup is one of the most fun “perks” we offer at Chica Beauty! And honestly, who doesn’t like free makeup! ;)


If our Internship Program sounds like it would be a great fit for you, we would LOVE to hear from you! To apply for an internship position please email your résumé and cover letter to Or please let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer them for you. We look forward to hearing your story and just maybe you will be our next Chica Beauty intern!
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