Abandon Resolutions, Accept Aspirations

Abandon Resolutions, Accept Aspirations

Happy New Year Chica! 

This year, instead of making New Year's Resolutions we have five fun and effective activities for you to try so you can make this year even better than the last!

Resolutions have been a tradition in our society for a long time. Although they appear like a great idea at the beginning of each year, they can do more harm than good. As December rolls around, resolutions often cause stress and an emphasis is placed on all the things you failed to complete instead of everything you accomplished.

That is why we encourage you to try something new this year when making New Year's Resolutions. There are many alternative ways to feel proud of the accomplishments you make throughout the year. For 2023, Chica Beauty would like to challenge you to try one of the activities listed below!  

1. Adopt a new habit 

Whether it’s increasing the time you spend each week outside or limiting the hours you spend on your phone each day - there are many healthy habits you can work into your busy, everyday routine! 


2. Make a vision board 

Spend time on Pinterest or flipping through magazines collecting photos of goals, intentions, or words you want to value this year. You can make one each month, starting with January, so they can evolve as you do too! 

 Vision Board

3. Try Gratitude exercises

Celebrate all the things you overcame last year and the many accomplishments you should be proud of! Recognize the people in your life who helped you last year, and reach out to them to express your gratitude.


4. Create a monthly challenge 

This can be something you have been waiting to do for a long time or something on a more smaller scale. Having one goal a month can help you feel motivated while at the same time improving your life!


5. Set aspirations focusing on yourself, others and your mental and physical health. 

Every aspiration can start as small or big as you like and should be realistic for your life. You are enough and do not need to become a new version of yourself this year. But there are always areas within you where you can grow and continue to evolve if you would like! These aspirations should be flexible and allow for the changes that will occur this year. 

As the first week of 2023 comes to a close, take some time for YOU. Reflect on what you want out of this year. Remember, take it day by day, week by week, month by month and be proud of everything you accomplish, no matter how small it may seem! We cannot wait to see all the good 2023 brings you CHICA!

Happy New Year 

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