• | Nicole Azarian

    How To Protect and Grow Your Lashes

    While we tend to focus our beauty routines on other features like our eyes or lips, eyelashes are one of the most underestimated features of our face! They bat, they blink, and they protect the windows to our soul! In celebration of this wonderful holiday, we are going to discuss some ways that you can protect your natural lashes and help them grow to be the best that they can be.

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  • | Nicole Azarian

    How-To Maximize Productivity and Confidence with Your Morning Routine

    With schedules becoming more flexible, employers recognizing that rigid 9-5 schedules don’t always ensure maximum productivity, and the general public learning to prioritize their mental and physical health, we’ve found that committing to a morning routine is the best way to improve productivity,... View Post
  • | Nicole Azarian

    Sisterhood and Women Empowerment Starts Here: INTRODUCING the CHICA BEAUTY LIFESYLE BLOG!

    Chica Beauty was born out of a realization that the beauty industry is missing something huge; the SISTERHOOD aspect! We all have felt how Beauty Bonds - whether it be through how we teach our children how to trim their eyebrows or learning from our mothers the power that a little lipstick can have in giving us the confidence to tackle the day. View Post